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What office supplies do new start-up companies need to prepare?

For some newly opened companies, the premise is to prepare office supplies. Next, the editor will introduce what office supplies the newly opened company needs: 1. Office paper: copy paper, printing paper, fax paper 2. Writing tools: gel pen, pencil, ballpoint pen 3. File storage: file cabinets, file boxes, folders, fish clips, paper clips, etc. 4. Office tools: attendance machine, computer, printer, fax machine, scanner, whiteboard, telephone 6. Cleaning supplies: rags, mops, brooms, trash baskets, waste paper baskets 7. Office supplies: ink cartridges, ribbons, tanning drums 8. Office tools: desk and chair, meeting table and chairs, coffee table

A good way to protect office supplies

1. Reuse and recycling of packaging materials:        No matter how large the order quantity is, you may end up throwing away some packaging materials. Before handing over these materials to a specialized agency for reprocessing, you can consider how to reprocess them yourself. For example, cardboard boxes can be used to transport things, and plastic bags, plastic foam, etc. can be used to store and protect valuables. 2. Mass purchase:        This saves money and does not require frequent visits to office supply stores. If you purchase in bulk from Baozhulin Mall, you can also enjoy lower preferential prices. 3. Collect waste paper and scrap metal:        Both waste paper and scrap metal are recyclable materials. 4. Supervise the use of paper:        Statistics released by the US Environmental Protection Agency show that under normal circumstances, the average person in the office produces about 0.7 kg of waste paper per day. The amount of paper can be saved by the following methods: copy only when necessary; use both sides of the copy paper; buy paper with high recycled content. 5. Refill the inkjet cartridge:        When the inkjet cartridge is used up, it is better to refill the ink instead of buying a new one. Under normal circumstances, an inkjet cartridge can be refilled 10 times in a row, which can save 75% of the cost than buying a new inkjet cartridge. 6Understand the number of plastic products:        Many office supplies are made of plastic. In order to facilitate reprocessing, you need to understand the materials used to make these plastic products. Each plastic product is affixed with a recycling symbol. Check the number to know what material the product is made of. 7. Develop a plan for recycling office supplies:        It is better for the office to sort the garbage like a home.

What are office supplies? What are the categories?

Office supplies refer to the auxiliary supplies that people use in their daily work. They are mainly used in business units. They cover a wide range of types, including: file and archive supplies, desktop supplies, office equipment, financial supplies, consumables, etc. Related supplies. China's office supplies industry is gradually developing towards industrialization and scale. The quality of its products is competitive in the international market. With the continuous expansion of the demand market and the growth of exports, it will usher in a new development opportunity. classification Stationery office supplies 1. File and file management categories: perforated folders (two-hole and three-hole folders), non-perforated folders (single strong folder, double strong folder, long press folder, etc.), report folder, board folder, classified folder, Hanging folder, computer folder, bill folder, file box, information book, file bag, file cover, business card case / book, CD bag / book, briefcase, zipper bag, card bag, file cabinet, file rack, file basket, Bookends, photo albums, drawing folders 2. Desktop supplies: stapler, staple remover, hole punch, scissors, utility knife (wallpaper knife), paper cutter, ticket holder, nail pin series, pencil sharpener, glue stick, glue, tape, tape seat , Calculator, ruler, compass, pen holder, pencil case, calendar stand, conference card 3. Office book: wireless binding book, spiral book, leather book, loose-leaf book, photo paper, post-it note, post-it note, note paper / box, meeting record book 4. Writing correction supplies: gel pen (sign pen), ballpoint pen, pencil, desk pen, whiteboard pen, highlighter pen, paint pen, fountain pen, marker pen, watercolor pen, POP pen, eraser, correction fluid, correction tape, Ink refills, soft pens, crayons (oil pastels), brushes 5. Financial supplies: books / books, carbon-free copy notes, vouchers / documents, carbon paper, UFIDA consumables, bill binding machines, financial calculators, printing pads / printing oil, check clips, special seals, seal boxes, portable vaults, numbering machines 6. Auxiliary supplies: newspaper racks, magazine racks, whiteboard series, ID cards, packaging supplies, stand series, certificate series, key management 7. Computer peripherals: CD, U disk, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, mobile hard disk, voice recorder, plug-in board, battery, headset, CD-ROM drive, card reader, memory card, controller Box), CPU, memory stick Office supplies 1. Printing supplies: toner cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons, toner cartridges, components 2. Binding consumables: binding clips, binding aprons, binding translucent sheets, leather paper 3. Office paper: copy paper, fax paper, computer printing paper, color copy paper, photo paper, inkjet printing paper, coated paper, color inkjet paper, drawing paper, full transparent paper, self-adhesive printing paper, color machine Paper, color cardboard 4. IT consumables: network cable, crystal head, network cable conversion connector, video cable, power cord Sundries Daily necessities: tissue paper, disposable supplies, cleaning supplies, labor protection supplies, hardware tools, carbonated drinks, office tea and coffee, purified water, instant food, pumping paper, roll paper, large paper, toilet paper, paper towels / wet towels, towels , Handkerchief, cup set: teapot / kettle, tea set, thermos cup, plastic cup, water cup, paper cup, cartoon cup, ceramic cup, mug, cup hanger, coaster, glass cup, coffee cup; food and beverage: tea / coffee / Convenient food / drinking water / biscuits; gloves, masks, shoe covers, work clothes. office equipment 1. Business equipment: paper shredder, bookbinding machine, check printer, time and attendance machine, banknote counting machine, laminator, business card scanner, telephone 2. IT equipment: computers, projectors, copiers, fax machines, printers, all-in-ones, scanners, cameras, cameras, switches, routers 3. Office appliances: humidifier, water dispenser, electric fan, vacuum cleaner 4. The importance of maintenance of office equipment Office equipment advocates active maintenance to keep the machine downtime to a minimum, so as to obtain the best use efficiency and value. Copiers, printers, fax machines, card machines, attendance machines, etc ... are precision office equipment that integrates optical, mechanical, and electronic technologies. They use small electrostatic toners and use electrostatic principles to form on photosensitive materials. The electrostatic latent image attaches tiny toner to the photosensitive material, and then transfers it to the paper to obtain the required copy. This process is performed using the characteristics of static electricity. Therefore, paper dust, floating toner, etc. tend to adhere to the transmission components, optical components, and high-voltage components inside the machine, but the existence of these will only affect the quality of the copy. If left unattended, it will incr
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